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LC Paint, Drywall & Carpentry is a residential, commercial, and industrial painting contractor specializing in the application of high-performance industrial coatings and surface preparation of a multitude of surfaces such as steel, galvanized, aluminum, wood, masonry, concrete tilt-up, and stucco. Utilizing the latest techniques and keeping up with the latest technology allows us and our highly skilled professional painters, to provide our services to a broad range of industries and we are committed to delivering your project in a timely manner, safely, and in a cost-efficient way.

Whether you need to re-coat your existing coating system extending its’ service life, or complete application of a new coating system, our painting company can provide you with solutions which work the best for your surfaces for a successful coating application. Contact us to request any additional information regarding painting, or for any consultation on your project. LC Paint, Drywall, & Carpentry can provide the solution for any of your residential, industrial, or commercial painting needs.


Our professional installers are adept at hiding seams, matching patterns, and can work off-hours and weekends to minimize the impact to your business.

LC Paint, Drywall & Carpentry can complete your wallcovering replacement project from start to finish. We can remove your old wallcovering, prepare the walls for new, and install newly selected wallcovering to refresh the existing space. We can even remove and reset wall mounted items that include fire extinguishers, signage and other non-electronic items.

LC Paint, Drywall & Carpentry also has industry leading experience doing restoration work to match existing wallcovering and bring your facility back to its original condition.

We know every client has a different combination of needs (project size, time requirements, onsite evaluation, material recommendations & specifications). Our job is to understand your unique needs so we can formulate and execute the perfect solution for your business.

Whatever your painting project may be, with our painting company’s experience, personnel and resources, we are committed to delivering your project in a safe, timely, and cost effective way with little or no downtime for your business. Please contact us to request additional information.

Lacquer Stain

Products made of wood are often required to be cleaned with brushes and rags. Therefore it is important to hire reliable wood staining professionals serving the region to get professional results on your lacquer paint or wood staining projects.

Staining wood helps in protecting and preserving the wood; therefore opt for lacquer paint and staining wood services to enhance the beauty of wooden surfaces present in your home.
Our lacquer paint and wood staining professionals offer:

  • Affordable lacquer paint services
  • Expert wood staining solutions
  • Effective staining wood results

If you wish to hire staining wood and lacquer paint services for your home, get in touch with our staining wood professionals and get unmatched services at competitive prices.

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