If you are considering an interior project, now is a smart time to plan and get done the interior work needed on your commercial or HOA building. No matter how big or small your interior project list may be, hiring a commercial painter for your building’s interior painting is the only guaranteed way to ensure your projects are completed to the highest possible standards.

A painting project may seem simple enough to do in-house, however, there are many benefits to hiring a commercial painter for your building’s interior needs. If you are on the fence about hiring a commercial painter, or aren’t sure about the services they can provide, here are seven reasons to consider hiring a professional for your building’s interior.

Safety First

Commercial painters have the knowledge and ability to keep up with advances in safety features when it comes to interior projects. With the proper tools and information, commercial painters bring all the right equipment to a job site and create a safe work environment.

Knowledge of safe paints for your specific building’s needs is one important part of a commercial painter’s expertise. Buildings that require clean air, like hospitals and childcare centers, will need high quality paint that has zero or low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These are gasses that are released from some paints and leave a lingering odor. They can be harmful to those with breathing conditions like asthma or other allergies.

Besides knowledge and safety precautions on the job, a good commercial painter maintains affiliation with organizations like OSHA. They should also carry safety practice and procedure certifications to demonstrate their focus on safety.

Insurances & Guarantees

As an extension of safety measures, insurance and certifications are a benefit that commercial painters bring to your interior project. The benefit here is that your project site and everyone that is involved will be protected.

A licensed and insured commercial painter is imperative in case of an accident or damage. Those who choose to forgo hiring a commercial painting company run the risk of taking on any liability in case of an accident.

Commercial painters have their own insurance for their workers and the site itself, so if someone is injured while working or damage is done to your building, the medical costs and repairs are covered. This is a critical selling point for many building owners as it relieves you of liability throughout your project.

Time is Money

Your bottom line is important and closing your business for any amount of time may impact how your building brings in revenue. Hiring a commercial painter can benefit you by minimizing the time it takes to complete a project, while doing so and still achieving the desired result.

During a consultation, your painting estimator will provide you a timeframe for how long it should take for your project to be completed. This is the guarantee that your building won’t be off limits for use for more than what has been agreed upon.

The best commercial painters offer services like working during off peak hours or Painter for a Day to accomplish your project discreetly, so your building can function as usual. The key here is to have a commercial painter who has flexible hours to meet your needs while staying on schedule with your project.

Structural Integrity & Problem Prevention

Commercial painters have a trained eye to spot problem areas in buildings. From deteriorating foundation to soft spots in roofing, experienced commercial painters have seen it all. There are many advantages to hiring a commercial painter when it comes to assessing structural integrity and problem prevention for your building.

Early detection of problem spots is important to the structural safety of your building. Preventative repairs when these types of problems are cited will save you from having to make major repairs in the future. This means you could save money in the long run by hiring a commercial painter.

While a large majority of these repairs will be in your commercial painter’s wheelhouse, some may not. In this case, a professional recommendation will be made. Professional referrals are made with your best interest in mind.

Remember that you are always in control of your building’s projects so you can ask questions and should have all the information you need to make these decisions. Once the repairs are made, your commercial painter should take extra measures to ensure that the repair is protected properly before painting.

Design & Aesthetics

A good color scheme can make the biggest difference when it comes to how your building serves its purpose. Choosing the colors and patterns for your building is one of the most exciting parts of an interior project. Despite the excitement, the options may seem limitless. A skilled commercial painter can help create the perfect aesthetic for your building.

Commercial painters have color experts on hand who know which colors work best for your building type. Whether your building is office space, a hospital, hotels, or a school, a color expert can match existing colors or create new color palettes to rejuvenate your building.

Quality & Technology

When an interior project is completed using high quality products and practices, it will stand the test of time. Commercial painters know the importance of completing each step of the preparation and repairs before moving on to the next phase of their work. In doing so, they’ll provide you outstanding work with a craftsman’s touch.

From sanding to patchwork to carpentry details, these are important measures to ensure the longevity of your project. The commitment to excellent workmanship and the use of high-quality products is what differentiates excellent commercial painters from less skilled ones.

You may be surprised to discover what paint manufacturers are doing with technology to ensure the quality of their products. When it comes to paint choice, commercial painters know which high quality brands are technologically advanced and have been performance tested.

No Hassle, No Stress

The stress that comes with planning your building’s interior project can be extensive, but experienced commercial painters have the knowledge to complete your project without adding more stress. From start to finish, commercial painters can plan each step of your project down to the finest detail. They can calculate almost exactly how much paint will be needed to cover your walls, the cost of materials, and the staff needed for your project in advance to ensure you know what your costs will be before they begin work.

Throughout the entire process, you can relax and know that your project will turn out exactly as you envisioned. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is what project you would like finished next.

For many building owners, Fall and Winter are good seasons of the year to plan and undertake interior building painting and maintenance projects. Most businesses slow down during this time of year and your project will benefit from a higher level of focus and attention.


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